Services & Techniques

At Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Fountain Valley chiropractic office, but please call us at 714-841-4300 if you have any questions!

Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments utilizing "state of the art" chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic care have chiropractors been able to provide the level of help and expertise that is available today. Many of the newest chiropractic techniques are actually safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. As a chiropractor who cares about utilizing the most advanced chiropractic techniques, Glen Cauble has years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients get pain relief for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions originating from the spine. Chiropractic care under a trained professional can even be used to prevent injuries and help you achieve total health or wellness.

Spinal Decompression 

Our Chiropractic office near Fountain Valley is available for spinal decompressions.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, pain-free treatment that reduces or eliminates back pain, neck pain, radiating arm pain, and sciatica. When performed by Glen Cauble, spinal decompression therapy has a high success rate when it comes to alleviating pain, reducing numbness or other symptoms, and improving reduced mobility associated with spinal compression. Spinal decompression can even help some patients avoid back surgery.  

What to Expect During Your Appointment 

Spinal decompression involves stretching the spine to reduce pressure. The spine consists of several bones, known as vertebrae, which allow the back to twist, bend, and move in nearly every direction. Nerves originating in the spinal cord in the center of the spine protrude through small holes in the vertebrae and branch out to the rest of the body. Cauble will apply rubbery discs between each of the vertebrae to prevent the bones of the spine from grinding together during body movement.

Time causes wear and tear to the tough outer coating of the discs, which can eventually get brittle and crack. The disc can herniate, or push outside its normal location to press against nerves and cause pain. Pressure from the vertebrae can also cause the discs to rupture. The gel-like interior of the disc can seep out and press against the nerves to cause pain.

Spinal Decompression Process 

Spinal decompression therapy involves lying fully clothed on a special motorized table. The lower half of the table can move. The chiropractor places a harness around the patient’s hips and attaches it to a computer-controlled puller near the patient’s feet. 

The upper part of the table stays in a fixed position while the lower part slides back and forth to provide intermittent and sustained traction to the harness. The neck decompression is performed with the patient placed in a specially designed neck/head cradle. The cradle is gently and precisely pulled by the computer. The patient should not feel any pain during the treatment, but they should feel a stretching of their spine.

Decompression therapy often involves several treatments, which can last 10 to 15 minutes each, over a 2 to 6 week period.

The Benefits of Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment for chronic low back pain, acute low back pain, neck pain, shooting arm pain, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, and herniated discs. Spinal decompression can also help treat sciatica, a condition in which pressure on the sciatic nerve causes pain and numbness that travels down one or both legs.

For more information about spinal decompression, contact Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC at 714-841-4300. Spinal decompression may be the right treatment to treat your neck, back, arm, or leg pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy does more than make you feel good, it can actually help your body achieve balance and health. Massage therapy offers a natural  treatment approach which actually relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our chiropractic office provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is complimentary to their chiropractic care. Each massage therapy plan is tailored to meet the patient's unique pain condition or injury. The benefits of massage therapy may include the increase of blood circulation, a localized reduction in swelling and the relaxation of muscles. Massage has been known to relieve muscle pain and spasms, increase a patient's range of motion, while also aiding in a patient's recovery. Some investigative studies have even indicated that a single session of massage may help boost your immune system!

Muscle Stimulation (E-Stim)

An injury or illness can lead to muscular pain and spasm and make it hard for muscles to relax. Inducing movement in an affected muscle can assist in the recovery process. Chiropractic Muscle Stimulation (E-Stim) is a therapy that causes muscles to relax and may reduce your discomfort during rehabilitation. Glen Cauble offers E-Stim and other non-invasive treatments to encourage the healing process. Learn about the benefits of E-Stim today.

How Does Chiropractic Muscle Stimulation Work?

Chiropractic Muscle Stimulation or E-Stim is a specialized medical treatment that uses electric currents to induce muscle contraction. It is non-invasive and clients may lay down while undergoing the therapy. Patients do not experience pain from the therapy. In fact, many find a session an enjoyable experience.

The Benefits of E-Stim

You may benefit from including E-Stim as part of an individualized treatment program. As a non-invasive therapy, E-Stim has shown to be an effective treatment for many. A care plan including this therapy offers significant benefits like:

  • Improving blood flow to an area of injury, promoting the healing process in affected areas.
  • Increasing muscle tone and muscle strength in weakened muscles.
  • Strengthening the link between muscle movement and your brain, making it easier to move from easier exercises to more complex tasks.
  • Preventing or slowing muscle atrophy, or a decrease of muscle mass.
  • Encouraging relaxation, as the therapy releases tension in muscles, and encourages endorphin production.

Individuals who have chronic conditions, and athletes who are looking to enhance their performance can both benefit from E-Stim. Athletes can use E-Stim to reduce swelling and soreness after a workout. It can also be used to decrease muscle stiffness as part of injury prevention. Speak with Cauble  today to explore your treatment options.

Start on the Path to Recovery

After undergoing an initial evaluation, E-Stim may be incorporated into an individualized treatment program to reduce pain and speed up recovery. Patients may pair E-Stim with massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, and other services at Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC. Patients undergoing E-Stim may need multiple treatments depending on their condition and their individual response.

Our experienced team makes it easy to get started. For more information about muscle stimulation, contact Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC at 714-841-4300.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

If you struggle with a soft tissue injury, chronic joint inflammation, chronic connective tissue strain, or painful scar tissue accumulation around muscles, you should know about the healing benefits of therapeutic ultrasound at Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC. Ultrasound treatment, in conjunction with chiropractic care and other non-invasive techniques, can help you overcome your pain, stiffness, and other musculoskeletal limitations. Take a look at this safe, drug-free road toward a more functional and comfortable life.

What Is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

The term "ultrasound" refers to sound waves generated in a frequency range far above that of human hearing. While you may have heard of it in the context of diagnostic imaging (ie: to visualize a baby in a mother's womb), therapeutic ultrasound operates at different frequencies than diagnostic ultrasound. The therapeutic instruments usually generate frequencies of 1MHz or 3MHz. 

When ultrasonic energy comes into contact with injured or ailing human tissues, some remarkable changes can occur. The waves increase blood flow to the treatment site, warming, and relaxing the tissues while also accelerating the healing process. 

Ultrasound also causes fluids to move through and among cells more easily, a phenomenon known as streaming. Meanwhile, ultrasonic vibration appears to increase the flexibility of collagen, a component of scar tissue and other structures, so that tissues can operate more comfortably and freely.

Conditions Treated by Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound can play an important role in both acute injury treatment and chronic pain management. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and other practitioners use to treat conditions such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Strained muscles
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Wrist pain
  • Running injuries
  • Adhesions (lumps of scar tissue that limit musculoskeletal motion)

Therapeutic Ultrasound as Part of Your Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Cauble will detect neuromusculoskeletal problems, which affect your nerves, muscles, and joints. Like other types of preventive tests, spinal and postural screenings detect problems in their early stamay recommend therapeutic ultrasound as part of your chiropractic treatment plan. by using this modality to release adhesions and reduce inflammation, we can improve your body's ability to accept and make use of chiropractic adjustments. 

Ultrasound also works well alongside massage therapy, corrective exercises, and other treatment techniques to help you manage pain or get over a nagging injury. Therapeutic ultrasound may even increase your pain threshold and help your nerves conduct signals more effectively.

Therapeutic ultrasound is quite safe for most individuals. Our team at Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC may recommend a different treatment strategy in cases involving pregnancy, malignant tumors, and certain other conditions.

Discover whether therapeutic ultrasound makes sense for you. Contact our chiropractic office at 714-841-4300 today to schedule an evaluation!

Corrective Exercises

At Dr Glen R. Cauble, DC, we teach our patients how to perform special "blueprint" exercises which can help strengthen and correct the irregularities in their body which may be causing pain. These corrective exercises can actually be performed in the comfort of your own home to help improve the effectiveness of your chiropractic care and spinal correction plan. In addition to skeletal misalignment, you may be experiencing pain that is caused by muscles and connective tissues which are out of their proper place. Other types of pain such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches are caused by muscles and tissues that are being used improperly, causing injuries over time. In each case, targeted corrective exercises and stretches from our experienced chiropractor will help you feel good while also helping your body achieve balance and health.

Lifestyle Advice

Many of our patients come to see our chiropractor to address a specific pain symptom such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. While our chiropractor will address each patient's specific condition with chiropractic care, we often find it helpful to "coach" our patients towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. For example, there may be certain activities that you should avoid or do differently to prevent yourself from unintentionally aggravating your particular health challenges. The goal of including lifestyle advice with a chiropractic care plan is to help each and every patient achieve the fulfilling and happy lifestyle they deserve, one that is full of the activities that are enjoyed most. We recognize that every single one of our patients is a whole person, and we use our expertise to help them reach total health and wellness.

Nutritional Counseling

What does nutrition have to do with chiropractic care? The goal of chiropractic care is to help patients achieve total health and balance with their body, and as part of that goal we provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices. Nutritional counseling by our experienced chiropractic health professionals can assist a patient on their return to optimal health. Do you know which supplements and vitamins are good for you? Do you know how these supplements and vitamins interact with one another? At our Fountain Valley chiropractic clinic, we can provide each patient with a structured nutritional program that is based on their individual needs.

Spinal & Postural Screenings

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your spinal health is no exception. Posture and spinal screenings by a trained and experienced chiropractor such as Glen Cauble can help reveal important health information, unlocking the door to improved health and well-being. In order to help the Fountain Valley community, we provide screenings at area malls, community events, health fairs and places of employment. Contact us today at 714-841-4300 to arrange a screening at your event or workplace.